How Should I Deal With a Non-Muslim Who Uses Islamic Phrases?
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    I recently came to know a non-Muslim who is from India and spent some time in Middle East. While living there he began saying some of the Islamic phrases that a Muslim would normally use e.g. “In Sha Allah”, “Ma Sha Allah” or “Ya Allah”. He is a young kid and when around me he randomly or intentionally uses them, in scenarios like playing a video game. When he uses such phrase I feel uncomfortable because he does not know what he is saying and I wonder how to use this opportunity for da’wah.

    How should I deal with this situation?

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

    Thank you for your question.

    Uphold gracious character; let him see the religion working in your life; and tactfully discuss belief-related topics without sounding preachy.

    And with that, know that it is not your job to convert. Rather, deliver the message on the basis of sound understanding, and with wisdom and gentleness. It may be that you end up planting the seed which comes to fruition in the child’s future.

    Sheikh Nuh Keller writes, “It is not through an act of the mind or will that anyone becomes a Muslim, but rather through the mercy of Allah, and this, in the final analysis, was what brought me to Islam in Cairo in 1977.” [Keller, Becoming Muslim]

    May Allah reward you immensely for your lofty intention.

    And Allah alone gives success.

    Answered by Sidi Tabraze Azam

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